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Core Services

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Disruptive Matters ™️, with its Agile Problem-Solving approach, is helping main players in the industry as an additional “plug and play” resource to tackle challenges that are inflection points (and that not necessarily have the right expertise or “focus availability” in-house).

Core Services

Nearshoring & Localization

Ramp-Up of Manufacturing and Value Chain System to localize key raw materials.


Digital Transformation

Best in Class Solutions for Process Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Tools Deployment.


Change Management

Assessment and Action Plan to improve Engagement, Leadership, and Teamwork in new multicultural teams.


Supply Chain Ramp-Up

Monitoring of key processes and stages to accompany the start-up of Automotive & Industrial OEMs.


Open Innovation

Programs and tools to support organizations in the development of key initiatives around new processes, products, and new ideas deployment.


Diagnosis & Turnaround

Plants & Operations Diagnosis (eg: Value Stream Mapping), Action Plan & Coordinated Implementation.

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